5 Best Cheap Pet Insurance Companies

In the event that your pet suffers a chronic illness or rips a ligament, pet insurance might be quite helpful. Even though the vet bill must still be paid in full up front and you must file for reimbursement afterwards, the assurance of a future refund can let you focus on your pet’s care and recuperation rather than worrying about money.

We looked at well-known companies, obtained sample quotations, and narrowed the list to the ones that provided complete coverage at the most reasonable price in order to locate the most affordable pet insurance.

Discover which insurers made it to our list of top choices by reading on.

Our Top Picks for Cheap Pet Insurance Companies

  • Lemonade Pet Insurance: Best for Customizing Coverage
  • Pets Best: Best for Direct Payment to Vets
  • AKC Pet Insurance: Best for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Figo Pet Insurance: Best for Unlimited Reimbursement
  • Metlife Pet Insurance: Best for Multiple Pets


The reason we selected Lemonade is that it gives pet owners greater flexibility on the contents and ultimate cost of their policy. Pet owners can further lower their premiums by opting out of specific features in addition to changing the policy’s limitations, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Lemonade provides a single accident and illness plan with more adjustable coverage and reimbursement levels than most other providers. Additionally, policyholders have the option to buy a wellness rider, which covers additional costs for dental cleanings, immunizations, and parasite screening.

Lemonade offers a base insurance with the option to opt out of specific features upon enrolling, which explains why its premiums are among the lowest. Veterinary exam costs, dental conditions, end-of-life care, physical therapy, and behavioral modification can all be added or removed from your plan. At check-out, you can make additional changes to your plan and choose the coinsurance, yearly limit, and deductible that best fit your spending plan.

If pet owners desire quick processing of their claims, Lemonade can be a smart choice. According to the company’s website, after you file a claim,

Pets Best

The reason we selected Pets Best is that it is the most reasonably priced pet insurance according to our survey, and it is one of the few companies that pays veterinarians directly upon request.

One major problem with pet insurance is having to pay for medical expenditures out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement. Pets Best’s Vet Direct Pay benefit addresses this issue. Even with pet insurance, many pet owners are unable to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in full up front and must instead rely on some sort of credit.

If your vet clinic agrees to take part, Pets Best offers Vet Direct Pay. Along with the completed claim form, the clinic needs to fill out and sign a veterinary reimbursement release form that may be found on Pets Best’s website. Following the processing and approval of your claim, Pets Best will pay the veterinarian immediately.

The fact that this service is one-time only is a significant drawback. You will possess

American Kennel Club

The reason we selected AKC is that their accident and illness plan is the only one on our list that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions, and it also comes at a competitive price.

All pre-existing conditions are covered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) after a waiting period, a feature that was not previously offered by any pet insurance company.

Pets must be actively enrolled for 365 days to be eligible, and any omitted issue will be covered the next year when you renew the coverage.

We advise you to review the additional limitations in this plan before enrolling your pet to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need. Exam costs, behavioral therapy, and genetic disorders are not covered by insurance. It is also limited to coverage for congenital and inherited illnesses if the pet is younger than two years old.

Apart from the aforementioned restrictions, AKC provides coverage that is comparable to that of other providers.

Figo Pet Insurance

Why it was our choice: One of the least expensive pet insurance providers with a 100% reimbursement rate is Figo. The business also provides unusual extras like liability insurance, boarding, and reimbursement for misplaced or stolen dogs.

One of the most reasonably priced pet insurance companies that still lets you choose a 100% reimbursement option is Figo Pet Insurance. With this benefit, Figo will pay 100% of your remaining vet expenditures for the year, up to the yearly limit, after you’ve met the deductible.

Figo distinguishes itself from other providers with its add-ons. If you stay in the hospital for longer than 48 hours, the pet boarding rider pays for your boarding costs. If someone gets hurt or their property is damaged by your pet, the liability rider may pay up to $10,000 in reimbursement. Finally, if your pet becomes ill and you have to postpone or cancel your vacation, the travel insurance add-on will reimburse you up to $1,000.

Last but not least, Figo provides the Pet Cloud smartphone app. This characteristic is

Metlife Pet Insurance

The reason we choose Metlife is that pet owners with several animals can enroll up to three animals under a single insurance with a single deductible by utilizing Metlife’s family plan.

It’s simple to insure up to three pets under one plan with Metlife pet insurance because it caters to households with multiple pets. No matter which pet you bring, every valid vet visit counts toward the same deductible, so you may be eligible for reimbursements more quickly. You can enroll as many pets as you wish with other providers, but there will be a separate deductible for each pet.

Metlife pet insurance provides telemedicine services around-the-clock and has a brief waiting period for accidents. Additionally, if you are hospitalized, the insurer will pay up to $500 for pet boarding; alternatively, it may pay for rewards and/or advertising to assist discover a lost or stolen pet. Exam costs, physical therapy sessions, medicines to be taken home, and complementary therapies like acupuncture and

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