5 Best RV Insurance Companies of 2024

Whether you intend to use your RV for occasional travels or to live in it full-time, insurance is a must.

An RV insurance policy offers financial protection in the event of mishaps, injuries, and other unfavorable circumstances, just like auto insurance. That implies that if you hurt someone or damage their property, it will pay for the repairs, medical bills, and liability costs.

We evaluated 16 organizations and looked into how well they performed in terms of availability, coverage options, financial stability, and customer happiness in order to determine which RV insurance providers were the best. We narrowed down our selection to six companies: National General was deemed the best for complete replacement cost coverage; Good Sam was named the finest RV insurance broker; and Auto-Owners Insurance was deemed the best for customer service.

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Our Top Picks for the Best RV Insurance Companies

  • Good Sam – Best RV Insurance Agency
  • Nationwide – Best for Multiple Discounts
  • National General – Best for Full Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Progressive – Best for Disappearing Deductibles
  • Roamly – Best for Renting Out Your RV

Best RV Insurance Agency: Good Sam

The Good Sam Insurance Agency is the greatest choice for individuals who require assistance selecting coverage, which is why we selected them. It assists you in obtaining a comprehensive policy that meets your needs and puts you in contact with some of the top RV insurance providers.

Prominent insurance providers including Progressive, Foremost, Safeco, and National General are partners of Good Sam. Good Sam offers a variety of conventional insurance alternatives, such as comprehensive, collision, liability, property damage, and personal injury protection.

For those who drive their RV into Mexico, Good Sam is a great choice as well. Through its partnership with MexicoInsuranceOnline.com, the company may connect you with one of three insurers with offices in Mexico. Depending on your particular needs, agents can suggest add-ons for your cross-border journeys. You can buy plans for a single day or more of travel.

Additionally, the business provides a storage discount that allows you to suspend liability and collision insurance while your trailer or motorhome is kept for longer than thirty days at a time. If you just take occasional road excursions in your RV, this can help you save money on monthly rates.

Finally, in the event that you utilize your RV as a permanent dwelling, the firm can assist you in creating a full-time RV insurance coverage.

Best RV Insurance Agency Runner-Up: RVInsurance.com

Why we selected this company: Whether you live in your RV year-round or use it for travel, RVInsurance.com can assist you in finding a policy that suits your needs.

Safeco, National General, and Foremost are partners of RVInsurance.com. These businesses provide coverage for campers and motorhomes of all kinds. They provide a number of policy add-ons, including roadside assistance, full-timers liability coverage, and full replacement cost.

Online quotes for insurance are available, but calling an insurance expert can assist you in comparing products.

Best for Multiple Discounts: Nationwide

Why we selected this business: More than ten different discounts are available from Nationwide Insurance, including ones for installing safety equipment like smoke detectors and for not filing a claim during the prior insurance period.

The majority of RV insurance providers provide savings on premiums. But the list of discounts offered by Nationwide is very long. If you take safety classes, pay your annual policy premium in advance, join an RV association (like the National RV Association), bundle your RV policy with your current house insurance, or buy the company’s full-time RV insurance package, you can save money.

Keep in mind that not all savings are available on the Nationwide website; some are only available when requesting a quote. For instance, a customer support agent stated that the business also provides discounts to clients whose cars have safety features like fiberglass bodywork or tire-pressure monitoring systems.

Best for Full Replacement Cost Coverage: National General

Why we selected this business: Generally speaking, an RV can only be purchased with full replacement cost coverage during the first model year. However, National General allows you to obtain the rider for the first five model years of an RV.

If your recreational vehicle is totaled or stolen, complete replacement cost coverage, sometimes referred to as total loss replacement, replaces it with a new or comparable model. Additionally, you can be compensated for the vehicle’s initial purchase price.

Generally speaking, this kind of coverage is limited to recently purchased travel trailers and RVs up to one or two model years old. A 2023 model, for instance, would most likely not be qualified until 2025. Therefore, you run the danger of your vehicle being deemed invalid if you purchase a used RV or if you wait to insure your new one.

RVs, however, are qualified for National General coverage during the first five model years. Additionally, the provider can insure your RV regardless of whether you are the original owner or not; other companies only offer coverage for first-time owners.

When your RV is in storage, the firm allows you to halt your coverage—an option that many other companies do not offer. Suspending riders for collision and personal injury, for instance, can help you save money. Your RV would still be protected, though, from theft, wildfires, inclement weather, and other non-collision mishaps.

Best for Disappearing Deductibles: Progressive

Why we selected this business: Progressive provides a wide range of discounts, accident forgiveness, and disappearing deductibles.

Among other benefits, Progressive offers rate reductions for first-time RV owners and those who pay for their coverage in full. But the things that set Progressive’s discount list apart are the accident forgiveness and disappearing deductibles.

These discounts are not offered by many businesses, and those that do usually only give one or the other. When it comes to disappearing deductibles, your insurance deductibles decrease the longer you go without making a claim.

Every claim-free policy period, Progressive deducts 25% from your total deductible amount. Following four consecutive claim-free periods, there will be no deductible. The savings on other insurance carriers who provide disappearing deductibles is capped at $500; if your deductible is higher, you will still be responsible for the remaining balance.

There is an additional fee for disappearing deductibles, also referred to as vanishing deductibles.
However, if you purchase the comprehensive and collision coverage package and your vehicle is worth at $25,000 or more, the function will be included. It is advised to have both riders since they guarantee that the car is insured against collisions as well as non-collision occurrences like fires.

Accident forgiveness is available at no extra cost and prevents premium increases for claims totaling $500 or less.

Best for Renting Out Your RV: Roamly

Why we selected this company: Renting out your RV to someone else usually results in coverage being declined by insurers. You can rent out your RV with Roamly and yet be protected against liability and vehicle damage.

Due to their increased risk compared to personal cars, rented RVs need full business insurance. Claims denials may occur from renting out your camper or motorhome without insurance, particularly if the tenant is also uninsured.

Your RV is always protected when you offer it on rental websites like Outdoorsy (the company that owns Roamly). Renters protection is an option for everyone who books your RV through Outdoorsy. Travel medical insurance, interior damage, and trip protection are a few examples of these policies.

RV rentals are covered by Roamly for their full monetary value while under rental. Additionally, each journey is covered by $1 million in liability insurance under the policies.

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