5 Best Small Business Loans

*APYs and rates could change at any time. The data presented here is current as of August 24, 2023.

Whether you need the extra money to pay for overhead, want to buy new equipment, or want to accumulate inventory, getting one of the finest small business loans could be the key to keeping up your new endeavor.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms, online lenders, credit unions, and traditional banks can all provide small company financing. Additionally, there are several varieties of company loans.

In light of this, we examined some of the top lenders for small business loans in 2023 and created a guide where you can find out more about qualifying and obtaining the money you require when you need it.

Our Top Picks for Best Small Business Loans

  • Bluevine – Best for Lines of Credit
  • OnDeck – Best for Prepayment and Loyalty Benefits
  • Fundbox – Best for Cash Flow Predictions
  • Biz2credit – Best for Business Insights
  • Lendio – Best for Startup Loans

Best for Lines of Credit: Bluevine

Why it was our choice: Bluevine is our top credit line provider because of its speedy funding period, which is one to three business days, and its greater credit limit. Customers of Bluevine are eligible for revolving credit of up to $250,000.

Bluevine provides credit lines and business checking accounts. Quick capital for your small business that you may keep drawing from while you repay can be obtained with a line of credit. Having said that, it’s crucial to note that the Bluevine line of credit has high annual percentage rates and requires weekly or monthly payments.

For your business to be eligible for a Bluevine line of credit (provided by Utah-based Celtic Bank), it must be a corporation or LLC that has been in operation for a minimum of 24 months. The company must also have a personal credit score of at least 625 and generate at least $40,000 in revenue per month.

It should be noted by business owners that Bluevine charges a $15 fee for direct wire transfers if they are interested in same-day funding. Although ACH transactions are free, it could take up to three days for the money to appear in your account.

Best for Prepayment and Loyalty Benefits: OnDeck

Why it was our choice: OnDeck offers prepayment and loyalty perks as a way to thank its customers for their financial responsibility and commitment. If you take out a new loan, pay off your current loan early, or renew your contract, the company will waive the outstanding interest on your current loan.

If an existing customer pays off at least 50% of their current balance and takes out a new small business loan with OnDeck, they may qualify for the lender’s loyalty reward, which waives the remaining interest of the prior loan.

Additionally, OnDeck provides a compelling prepayment advantage. If qualified, business owners who pay off their loans early may be exempt from paying interest on the balance owed. 75 percent of the remaining interest would still be owed by business owners who pay off their loans early but are not eligible for the prepayment benefit. Additionally, the prepayment advantage has a higher interest rate, which means that they might have to pay back more of the loan.

The fact that OnDeck needs users to consent to a blanket claim on their company assets and to sign a personal guarantee are other significant factors to take into account. In the event that your company defaults on the loan, you will be responsible for paying back your business’s debts.

You need to be in company for at least a year, which is longer than other lenders need, have a minimum annual revenue of $100,000, and have a minimum FICO score of 625 to be eligible for a short-term loan with OnDeck. Nonetheless, the organization asserts that its typical client has a credit score of 650 or above, has been with them for more than three years, and generates $300,000 in income annually.

Given OnDeck’s high average rates, applicants with less than perfect credit and smaller yearly income streams might want to explore elsewhere.

Best for Cash Flow Predictions: Fundbox

The reason we selected it is that Fundbox Insights offers qualifying firms cash flow projections based on transaction history. This function provides estimates for future revenue and notifies users when cash flow falls short of a preset level.

With Fundbox, you can connect your company accounts that are compatible with the Insights function and view cash flow estimates based on past data for free. By including prospective future transactions, you may also model business scenarios and receive notifications in the event that your cash flow falls below a predefined threshold. The Insights feature is still in development and could not be accessible to all businesses, which is a drawback.

Fundbox does not impose origination or prepayment penalty. It does, however, impose draw fees on its credit lines, although for this specific funding option, it offers a three-day grace period for late payments.

Your company must have been utilizing a suitable business bank account for at least three months prior to applying in order to be eligible for a Fundbox line of credit. In addition, you must have at least $100,000 in yearly income, a minimum credit score of 600, and a minimum of six months’ experience in business.

Best for Business Insights: Biz2Credit

Why it was our choice: The unique element of the internet marketplace for business loans offered by Biz2credit is its BizAnalyzer. This application offers individualized comments and financial recommendations to business owners in addition to a scorecard based on the creditworthiness and financial health of their company.

Through an online marketplace called Biz2credit, small business owners can find a range of financial solutions tailored to their needs and business characteristics. The BizAnalyzer application gives business owners a customized financial scorecard that compares their company’s performance to that of competitors and suggests ways to improve performance.

A wide range of financing choices from banks and internet lenders, including exclusive lending programs for women, minorities, and veterans, are also provided by Biz2credit. According to the loan site, you can apply in as little as four minutes, receive cash in as soon as 72 hours, and receive approval in as little as 24 hours. Naturally, the lender and loan type you choose, as well as any special qualifying conditions, will determine this.

In order to be eligible for a working capital loan from Biz2credit, your company must be open for at least six months, generate at least $250,000 in revenue annually, and have a minimum credit score of 575. The same minimal income is required for term loans, but you also need to have been in company for at least 18 months and have a credit score of at least 660.

Best for Startup Loans: Lendio

Why it was our choice: Lendio is one of the few online marketplaces that provides up to 25-year durations and affordable rates for startup loans.

Lendio functions as a marketplace with a large selection of small company lending options. The most important of these are startup loans, which are unavailable from all lenders but are crucial for establishing a new company from the bottom up. Lendio offers startup loans with maximum values of $750,000 and maximum periods of 25 years.

Working with Lendio also has the benefit of offering loans from over 75 different lenders, such as Fundbox, American Express, Bank of America, Mulligan Funding, On Deck Capital, and Funding Circle, to mention a few. Depending on the type of credit, borrowers can apply online in as little as 15 minutes and receive funding within 24 hours.

A minimum credit score of 660 is required for startup loans, though qualification standards will differ depending on the lender and type of loan. Additionally, the business has to have been operational for a minimum of six months. Collateral in the form of personal or corporate assets may be necessary, depending on the lender.

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